5 Concerts That You Must Experience!



With the combination of Excision, Downlink, KJ Sawka and the production efforts of Space Laces, Destroid is an easy must see. If the amount of gnarly bass on their album wasn’t enough, how about their alien robot suits from hell? Roargasm got a chance to cover this show last month and our minds were completely blown! Watch the video below for a more in depth look at the live set and catch them on tour in 2014!

Flying Lotus


Flying Lotus calls his new live set ‘Layer 3′ because it consists of three layers: a transparent projection screen, himself and another screen behind him. As you can see from the photo above this creates a very wild experience, especially with the madness of his tracks. Red Bull caught up with the man himself to get a behind the scenes look in the video below. You can check out his tour dates for the rest of there year here.

Amon Tobin


This has to be one of the most unique stage set ups we’ve ever seen! The vast amount of psychedelic visuals projected on this humongous structure of cubes is almost too much to handle. Not to mention, Amon Tobin offers some of the most unique and breathtaking music out there. Not too long into the set, you realize the mastermind is in one of the cubes playing all of this live! You can check out a video of a full recorded set down below!



With a strictly black and white stage set-up and a selection of music that nobody would call pleasant, Squarepusher is easily one of the most ridiculous live shows there is. His music consists of experimental noises and high pitch screeches, making this a very unique experience for all. You can check out a quick video of his performance at Hackney Weekend below, proceed with caution!

Sub Focus


Sub Focus’ new live set is beyond epic! With the sound selection of his new album to go with it, this is a great show to go and see. Sub Focus plays the whole show live and his structure even reacts to his actions. He is now going on an album tour and is not someone you want to miss, here are his tour dates. You can check out a video of him performing in London down below!