5 Underground Artists That You Will Love!



AWE has to be one of my favorite producers right now. With the release of his Eagle Soul EP, he stunned me with some amazing production. He has his track ‘Jurassic’ featured on UKF Dubstep and gets tons of support from Plastician, but still needs way more recognition! You can find his track ‘Jurassic’ and ‘Eagle Soul’ below!

Electric Mantis


Last week Electric Mantis was practically unheard of, until a repost by Djemba Djemba on Soundcloud and a post on Reddit got him tons of exposure. The kid seems to have appeared out of thin air, but deserves his new popularity for his music is beyond epic. My two favorite tracks are ‘Flips and Flops, Drips and Drops’ and ‘Its Why we Get High’. You can find the links download below!

N u a g e s


We’re going way down-tempo on this one. I don’t even remember how I found this artist, but I’m sure glad I did! If you’re ever having a gloomy day or just want to relax, N u a g e s is the artist for you. His simple beats and soothing vocals blend perfectly together to create a melancholy track that puts you in a trance. You can check out some of his stuff below!



With two amazing albums under his belt, you’d think ZES would be more well-known and wait until you hear the quality of his music. He is another very chill artist, but he’s also not afraid to pick up the tempo. As you can see, he wears a badass mask as he serenades crowds with his beautiful music.  You can check out some of his tunes below!



OMN is like a more relaxed Bonobo. His comforting melodies and atmospheric basses just make you realize that everything is okay and will always be okay. He’s one of my favorite artists to zone out to and just look at the sky. You can find two of my favorite tracks below, enjoy!