Alfred Haber to Distribute Ultimate Blackjack Tour

Alfred Haber Distribution has secured the international distribution rights to the Ultimate Blackjack Tour.

The first season of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour will be screened on CBS in September, with the first of the ten episodes scheduled for September 16. The CBS network has already committed to the second season of the Blackjack Tour, which will be launched on TV in February next year.

The designers of the Ultimate Blackjack Tour wanted to combine the fun of blackjack with the skill of tournament poker. Contestants in each tournament will attempt to outwit their opponents and survive the elimination rounds on the blackjack table.

Robert Kennedy, the Executive CasinoRoom $100 bonus Vice-President of worldwide sales at Alfred Haber Distribution, commented: “Blackjack is by far the most popular table game in casinos around the world. With the special elimination format created for this series that forces players to start strategizing from the beginning, coupled with a top-notch production team, we are confident that the Ultimate Blackjack Tour will be a winner around the world.”

There are many who feel that blackjack can be the next big thing. In recent years, it has been outshone by poker, but there is a strong chance that, in time, blackjack can be as popular as poker is now. The Ultimate Blackjack Tour is striving to achieve this aim.

Kennedy agreed: “UBT’s unique, high-impact style of competitive blackjack was created to resonate with both poker and blackjack enthusiasts around the world,” said UBT’s general manager and chief marketing officer, Larry Kopald. “Our TV show was designed to be the most exciting gaming show on the air. And when you combine that with our team of world-famous poker and blackjack pros, and the casinos around the world that have licensed the game, we feel Elimination Blackjack is poised to become the next global craze in gaming.”

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