Blackguard's Re-Issue of 'So it Begins' and the upcoming record 'Storm'

Montreal-based sympho/black/folk/power metal act Blackguard (formerly Profugus Mortis) will release a Re-Issue of “So it begins” and their third album, “Storm”, sometime this year.

For those who haven’t heard them this is the track listing.

01. The Fallen
02. Arm Yourself
03. Vile
04. The Darkest Hour
05. Upon The Raging Storm
06. Majesty
07. The Beauty Of This Form
08. Last Pain
09. Automne

Stated Shawn Keith of Sumerian Records: “This is a band that combines tasteful shredding with epic melodic metal riffs, carrying the message of brotherhood through the best and worst of times all the while bringing the party in a live show setting through the spirit of folk music. With that being said, we are very excited to announce that Blackguard is now officially part of the Sumerian Records family. We are also excited about continuing our relationship with Nuclear Blast and the synergy we will have together as we build this band in to a worldwide monster. Their third album, ‘Storm’, will hit United States stores everywhere April 30th. As we prepare for battle, THIS ROUND’S ON US!”

Maurizio Iacono of Rock the Nation/Impact Management said: “We are finally happy to announce new homes for these Canadian scene veterans and folk/extreme metal innovators, I was sold on Blackguard (formely Profugus Mortis) the moment I saw this band live in Montreal two years ago and we waited for the right moment an its now time to unleash the beast to the masses!! We had some very big interest for Blackguard’s new album from various labels but we felt the best way to go was with Nuclear Blast (world) and with Sumerian Records (USA) both labels have an outstanding track record and showed us the ambiton we needed to see. So raise your glasses of beer and let’s celebrate at Paganfest!!!”

Blackguard added: “…We would like to take this time to thank all of you from the bottom of our black hearts for your continuing support for this musical entity that has been such a huge part of our lives for so long. This next chapter in our history is a return to our roots, we’re going at this alone again without the shackles of business obligations that brought us to the brink in the past. This is a labor of love beyond the typical metrics of “success” or “failure” and sharing this piece of us with you is our apotheosis…”