Global markets plunge, but Sugarbabe was able to spend £20,000 on a holiday

The financial world has gone even more insane today. Strangely enough, I woke up in a panic about 2 or 3 months ago and thought ‘I need to take my savings out of the stock market, something really bad is going to happen’ (I had bought some stocks for the first time in my life a while ago and they had done amazingly well up to that point). But I didn’t act on my gut feeling, as I should have done. Dumb, dumb, dumb! Now I’m on the losing end, like everybody else.

Anyway, some people will feel much less of whatever financial crisis we might be facing. People like popstars. Take Keisha Buchanan from the Sugarbabes, for instance. She has just told the press that she took a bunch of friends on a £20,000 holiday.

The generous Sugababes singer wanted to treat her closest pals to an unforgettable trip, but admits the amount she splashed out was excessive.

She said: “I took eight friends to Atlanta. We travelled first class and stayed in a big hotel. I spent £20,000 easily. My accountant had to call me when I landed to find out where the money had gone.”

I just wanted to treat my friends. They wanted to go to Spain but I thought, ‘I’m taking you guys to Atlanta.’ It didn’t look too good when I got the bill.”