Interview with K Theory!

C.l.E.A: I understand that there are two of you. How did you two meet?

K Theory: We met on facebook when Dustin was trying to play a weekly party I (Dylan) booked for. I didn’t really give him the time of day until I found out we both used Reason. After 1 production session together we decided to make a project together & the rest is history.

C.l.E.A: How did the name ?K Theory’ come about?

K Theory: After doing hours & hours of name research and brainstorming we came up with Crunch Theory, but it was already taken. So we both liked the letter K & looked it up, turns out it’s a mathematical principle that applies to many different fields, kind of like how we do all kinds of electronic music & we kept it at that.

C.l.E.A:You guys have now done four remixes for Gareth Emery. Do you have any kind of special relationship with him or do you just enjoy his music?

K Theory:Huge fans of his music, he is incredibly talented & luckily for us, we have the same manager, so we were able to showcase our productions to him a lot easier. Definitely some more collaboration in the future for both gigs & music with Gareth.

C.l.E.A: Gareth is mainly a trance artist, have you guys every considered producing some trance?

K Theory: K Theory Fact 001: Dustin produced trance is his former production life. We’ve dabbled but it still has that K Theory sound, definitely a lot of trance influences in our hybrid genre “Nu Electro” which can be seen in our remixes of “The Saga” / “Concrete Angel”.

C.l.E.A: Do you guys have a particular track that you hold closely to your heart? If so, what is it and why?

K Theory: Recently we have been writing a ton of tracks with originally composed vocals & this is a definite first for us, but doing so has been like poetry from the soul in dance music form, they definitely hold a close place to the heart & hearing a crowd sing a long with you to the vocals you composed even if its their first time hearing it is a pretty amazing feeling.

Roargasm: You have both toured around the United States and have played at many venues. Do you have any favorite venue?

K Theory: Playing at The Warfield in San Francisco or The Music Box in Hollywood was pretty epic since they are such iconic & historic venues. Also, Avalon in Hollywood & Aloha Stadium in Honolulu were top-notch shows this year.

C.l.E.A: You are both users of Propellerhead’s Reason and you’re among the few EDM producers to use Reason as their main DAW. Why did you choose Reason over other commonly used DAW’s?

K Theory: We have been reason going back to 2006, we both grew the software, & now with its vast improvements in the 6.5 version, it’s as powerful as any other DAW. We also really like the tactical / analog feel of the whole DAW.

C.l.E.A: What attracted you to the overall genre of EDM?

K Theory: The first time we ever heard EDM it spoke to our souls, we knew it was apart of us. There is an uncanny energy it brings you just don’t find in other music.

C.l.E.A: What’s your guys’ favorite food to eat while one the road?

K Theory: We keep it pretty vegetarian, but a major staple is Blueberry Swirl Odwala bars with a glass of Martinelli’s apple cider.

Roargasm: What do you guys like to do outside the studio and live shows? Any special hobbies?

K Theory: Dustin loves to play Magic The Gathering, I’m pretty sure he is a local champion. And I like to get outdoors, travel, and collect sweaters & clever button ups.

C.l.E.A: There are a lot of young producers out there, at what age did you guys start making tracks?

K Theory:We both started writing music when we were 16 & we are approaching our 2 year anniversary of doing K Theory together.

C.l.E.A: Who are you favorite artists to listen to? Non-electronic and electronic.

K Theory: Dustin – Bach, Vivaldi, Infected Mushroom, & Juno Reactor
Dylan – The Rolling Stones, Modest Mouse, Nero, & Lana Del Rey.

C.l.E.A: Any plans for the future that you would like to share with us? (Tours, collabs, tracks, etc.)

K Theory: We just launched our own label in November called “K Theory Music” where we will be releasing all of our music on all digital stores, as well as for free on our soundcloud. We expect to sign some friends of ours and other talented producers in 2013. We are ever expanding our live set & as soon as the world is ready for it, we are going to bust out a full live set tour. We are going to be touring heavily in 2013 all over the states, Canada, and Europe potentially. Tons of new music, always new music, we produce 40+ hours a week. Lots of tracks with vocals & some massive remixes, we are in the process of collaborating with this incredibly talented indie band called “Local Hero” and we are also producing for several rappers. K Theory 2013 takeover, we out here!

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