Review: Alesia “Andrea” EP

Skrillex’s record label, OWSLA Records, just signed two guys from Paris who make warped techno sex music. Their new EP, entitled Andrea, was released yesterday and it is f*cking epic. With styles similiar to Dog Blood and Gesaffelstein, Alesia brings us something strange but oh so fun! If you haven’t heard of them, you’ve probably crossed past their name on the famous DJ Snake Song, ‘Bird Machine‘. They also put out a remix of ‘Strobe‘ by Deadmau5 that is really worth a listen.

The opening track of the EP, ‘Dies Irae‘, translates to Day of Wrath, which is really what it sounds like. It is like a warning of what is about to come your way, a train of heavy bass and trippy sounds. The next track is called ‘Andrea‘ and has to be a personal favorite of mine for the EP. I imagine listening to this song as the world is ending before my eyes, really not giving a sh*t because it’s so stunnig. It’s also something I would have playing in my head on a really bad acid trip. Check out the music video below!

The third track is called ‘Otho‘. Google tells me that Otho was the leader of the Roman Empire for a nice three months, I have no idea if this correlates to the name of the track, but this track is insanity! The first drop is nice and innocent and then the second one comes in and just kills your family. I don’t know how else to put it, but you’ll need to experience it for yourself. The Fourth track is called ‘Jezabel‘. It has that apocalyptic sound that is in Dog Blood’s ‘Middle Finger Pt. 2‘. It also features some vocals from what I think is ‘Lip Gloss‘ by Lil Mama? Love that song.

The last track of the EP called ‘Industriae‘ and really reminds of some of the tracks on the new Gesaffelstein LP. It is a great way to end the EP and attains the same level of heavy, trippy weirdness as the rest of the EP. It makes me eager for the next release from these guys, but will tide me over until then.  You can listen to the EP in it’s entirely below and can grab the EP via iTunes or beatport!