Releases like this are fun because the hooks pull you in fast, but the large amounts of intricacy make it tough to stick the first time. I wouldn’t go comparing this to Vektor or anything, but there’s more technicality than your typical thrash act. F.B.O.T are a thrash metal act based out of Guadalajara Jalisco, in Mexico. Although formed in 2014, they hadn’t released any material until the 2017 release End Hostilities. Just this past Friday, they finally dropped a hot and fresh full length titled F.B.O.T, starting their career off on a very technical step. With only eight tracks to unpack, it’s not overwhelmingly long. Of course, steady doesn’t always mean light, as the songs like this are still extremely bludgeoning and loaded with riffs. That being said, F.B.O.T takes the technicality in a very atypical direction. While the wildly fret-happy solos are present, it isn’t the real standout factor here. Intricate guitar patterns are fused with the occasional breakdown, all the while remaining rooted in thrash. This can be heard most prominently in “Nuclear Isolation.” The single “Toxic Society” pushes the thrash roots into sludgier territory, with the rhythm being played at a steadier pace. The only problem present is that F.B.O.T is incredibly top heavy. All of the standout moments lie within the first half of the record. The second half isn’t bad at all, but it doesn’t quite hold the momentum contained within the A-side if you will. The solo work is still strong as ever and doesn’t over-do it, doesn’t contain nearly as tight of tracks. Admittedly, repeat listens does help them grow on you.